Sunday, June 21, 2015

Praise God for His Goodness!!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

I want to take this forum that I have and give thanks for my husband for his steadfastness and faithfulness to me and to our children.  He has always had his hands full being married to me but he has stood up amidst all of my failures and been a good husband and father.  

But especially in these past four plus months, I have been blessed to have him by my side and by our son's side.  Craig has quite literally "put his life aside" in terms of work and his own desires to be with Adam every step of the way and for this and many other things I am so thankful!! Love you Sweetie!!!

And now for some amazingly GREAT news!!!!!!!

Almost instantaneously  after I posted the specific prayer requests yesterday God started to answer those prayers in miraculous ways!!!!

Craig has been pushing the docs this week to try a new method of getting the infection out through the drains because they have NOT been working right this whole time.  The way they are set up is just so slow and let's just say so very messy and uncomfortable for Adam.

They started a new method yesterday and the results were phenomenal!! 

The  amount of infection they were getting out in an average 24 hour period was about 100 mL.  After the first try at the new method they got 1000 mL out.  Almost immediately, Adam's heart rate started to come down to a normal one for the first time since all of this began.  Craig said that this morning the dressings were basically CLEAN which is a true miracle.  He told me that when he walked into the room yesterday he could literally smell the infection in the room.  Katrina and I were well aware of that ourselves before we left.  Now Adam is no longer lying in a puddle of evil infection but can let his skin begin to heal as well.

His white count has ranged from 15,000 to 45,000 during different periods of ups and downs and this past week it had gotten back up to 28,000.    OVERNIGHT it has gone from 23,900 to 14,700.  The nurse said she had NEVER seen that happen so fast.  

Literal walls of infection are falling down and they are able to pull from one area and get what was formerly a walled off area with one drain to come out another drain area.  Our Nathan had shared a sermon that had meant a great deal to him months ago which was about Joshua and the walls of Jericho called "don't stop on 6".  It is about not stopping on 6 times  marching around the walls but to persevere and keep marching until God knocked them down.  He mentioned before he left the hospital last week "Mom, don't stop on 6".  I'm so thankful for the prayer warriors who are holding up our arms in this fight!!!  We're not stopping on 6!!!

Thank you doesn't hold enough weight to say to all of you who are praying but our hearts are SO truly thankful to you for your prayers!!!  Please continue to hold up Adam and all of us and GIVE PRAISE TO GOD ALMIGHTY FOR HIS WONDERFUL POWER AND MERCY!!!!!!!

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