Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lift Your Eyes Up


I've been dealing with a shift in focus around my house lately.  I've mentioned before that I like routine.  Well, my routine previously has been this:  get up, get my kids to school, turn on the xm radio to talk radio, begin my daily chores.  

Now, there is nothing wrong with listening to talk radio (especially if you listen to conservative talk radio like I do) but sometimes we all need a break from the world that has gone crazy.

Recently I've been starting my day with music of praise and worship which happens to feed my spirit a bit more positively.  

Today I'm trying something else and I would highly recommend it.  I charged up the old ipod (popping in a cd works too if you don't have my more modern technology HA!)  and put some of my newer itunes on it.  

Okay, now my ADD or OCD or whatever D I'm tracking on today kicks in.  I watched a series of videos on worship recently that I bought at the worship conference.  One of the sessions mentioned about how the speaker had trouble having "quiet time" sitting in a chair and reading quietly.  He tended to fall asleep. So the speaker recommended walking around and talking to God or just praising Him.  Well, I have that trouble too so I'm going to try a new tack.

So, today. Today I am vacuuming up a storm at my house.  Here's an idea that you might want to try if you need a refreshing outpouring of God's grace and teaching.  I've been listening to Leeland's newest music called Love Is On The Move.  God is really speaking to me through this music!  

Do you need a spiritual lift?  Every single song on this collection points you to Jesus and to His heart for people.  Go to itunes, buy the cd, or if you go to  my church (NorthRidge Sabetha) find an hour that you have free and go to the sanctuary and crank up the music on the church's computer itunes, lay down on a pew, listen, and focus on the words.  You WILL be refreshed.

And let me just say, if you are over 30 and think that Leeland is just "young people's music" you are wrong.  Get over yourself and listen to this stuff.  

"You live among the least of these.  The weary and weak.  And it would be a tragedy for me to turn away.  All my needs You have supplied.  When I was dead You gave me life.  So how could I not give it away so freely?  Jesus, I'll follow You into the arms of the broken.  Follow You into the world.   Meet the needs of the poor and the needy, God I give of myself"  from Follow You

" He's coming for a pure Bride.  When no one is watching what are you doing? Children get your hearts right." from Pure Bride

"It feels like your world's crashing down and solid ground is hard to be found.  It feels like the walls are closing in and night has fallen and the sun is gone.  Your heart is dry.  You need some time to find God  Come on, come on lift your eyes up." from Lift Your Eyes Up

"Long after the tears fall I'm still Your child.  I put down my defenses lay down my pride.  Love and forgiveness flow deep and wide.  So I run to You and surrender all.......Holy Spirit have Your way in me."  from Holy Spirit Have Your Way

I need to go to the pharmacy and pick up something for my MIL so I will return to my focused day later.  I encourage you to not just read something and then run through your day.  Soak up some of the great music out there that is MINISTRY and then you can have some power to be love on the move.

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