Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

Well, we made it through another Halloween.  I think this one was favorite one yet.  

Katrina and I worked on her costume (mostly Katrina) throughout the day on Saturday. She was still sewing and such when Anna and I walked out the door to go trick or treating with my friend Judi and her two youngest girls.

Judi had something to attend that evening so we had about an hour and half to take the girls to houses.  It was perfect.  The weather was great--almost didn't need a coat.  And at 4 o'clock in the afternoon there are no other trick or treaters out.  There are also very people home to hand out treats which is okay.  

The girls were adorable.  Judi is an amazing seamstress and made both of her girls' costumes.  Gracie was Little Red Riding Hood and Mollie was a modest, beautiful Jeanie from I Dream of Jeanie fame.  My Anna was Bugs Bunny.  I had only to hand sew some "bunny belly" onto her sweat shirt and made a tail.  Craig fixed her mask from ebay (that's another story).

They all seemed happy with their time together and for the fact that the family down the street was giving out "big" candy bars again.  Judi's husband Charlie (who also happens to be our pastor) reminded the kids before we left --'Forget all that candy stuff girls.  Go for the chocolate!'
I am in his camp for many reasons!

Anyway, they looked cute and Anna LOVES being with Mollie and Gracie so it was a home run all around.

Then a family from church came trick or treating and said they had seen Katrina downtown so I called her.  She and her friends came by so we could see them in their costumes before we left town.

Katrina was Max from Where The Wild Things Are.  She is a wonderfully creative girl who goes against the flow of culture so this was classic Katrina.  

It was a fun night.  Anna and I went home for a while and ate something.  Then at 9 we drove back over to our friends' Coffehaus for pumpkin pie spice shakes.  

One of the best Halloween nights yet for me.

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