Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Organizing Update

Well, I got started on some organizing yesterday in a big way.  I emptied the two closets on our main floor that are not the master closet.  Now I need to build a closet in my garage for all of the work clothes and coats that we rarely wear.

Actually, I'm planning on giving away a LOT of coats so if you are in need give me a call!  I can't believe how many superfluous coats, hats, gloves, and just stuff we have in our closets.
One mission I have decided to go with is to turn the back entry closet into strictly a utility closet and NOT a work clothes closet.  Thus, the need for one in the garage.  Convincing my family that the back closet is not for all of their stray shoes, coats and junk will be another thing entirely.

Last year I started this mission when I purchased a wonderful rolling clothes rack called a Z something or other.  It is large and very sturdily built.  It is now in the tool shed and has been since I organized last year.  To me that says that the stuff hanging on it is probably not going to be used any time soon.  But I'll leave that alone.
You see, we have a problem that many marriages suffer from:  I am a thrower and my husband is a keeper.  There are other things I could use to name his affliction but I will go with the nice one of  KEEPER.

So I'm making use of this week when C is gone to purge our lives of unnecessary belongings that are only hampering my peace of mind.

I have a large box that is going to go out to the "shop" aka "future man cave" for the hubs to sort through at his convenience.

Then I have a box that I've been putting stuff into for months and now it is full.

This will be donated to one of several missions in our area.

So here's where we're at so far.  Sorry that I didn't get before pictures but that would have been so embarrassing.

Main coat closet divided into winter coats and warmer weather jackets.  The shoe organizer hanging in the middle is going to be used for gloves, hats, and scarves tucked into individual compartments for each person.

This is about half of the utility closet.  There isn't anything on the other side yet.  I have a LONG way to go but I'm making progress.

So, if you're husband were gone for a week what would YOU throw away?


  1. Oh, Linda, we are like you and your husband. I have to hide things that I'm getting rid of or else he will dig it back out!!

  2. i'd have to say alot of computer parts would find their permanent home in the trash can!!
    gina f

  3. It is nice to know I am part of a popular club Mitzi!

    I feel your pain Gina!