Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thoughts on Haiti

I wrote the following comment on a friend's blog and now think that I should just "put it out there" as my blog of the day.

One thing that really struck me when learning about Heaven is that we forget that this world we live in is under the Curse. The Curse of sin, self, and the devil's wiles. We were not created for this. But it is where we live for now. Because of that the whole earth suffers from things it was never created to do such as earthquakes and violence in the weather. 

Until we are safe with God living in eternal Heaven we must expect this world to bring sorrow and suffering. We get it backwards. We think that suffering is abnormal but in a cursed earth it IS normal.

It is tragic that some are using Haiti's past choices to somehow justify or explain their suffering now. But even people who are in the media or public eye are flawed, fallen people whether saved or unsaved. We must remember that and just try to put on Christ all the more.

Having said that I think is enough.

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