Monday, May 17, 2010

This And That

Today was supposed to be the day that the sun shined and my life took a turn for the better.  I guess the weather didn't get the message.  Or maybe I was just imagining that the weatherman said that after Sunday the rain would be gone.  It sort of feels like we are living in a tropical rainforest except for the fact that the red line on the thermometer rarely goes over 60 lately.  So we just get the rain and not the tropical.

School is out one week from today.  I'm looking forward to no more homework and not having to get up quite so early.  Not looking forward to lazy kids and the further invasion of my life of solitude and peace that I experience when everyone is at school and away at work.  Anyone who knows me would probably not believe it but I took a personality test online recently and it showed me to be highly introverted.  I'm a really good faker when it comes to being outgoing.

Wedding number one of 7 is this week.  We have a LOT of weddings we are invited to this summer.  It is fun to see all the different invitations and each person's unique style.

I've been feeling so not myself for quite a while now and I'm hoping that summer will come and rescue me from my blah-ness but in truth I know it is far more complicated than that.

The last couple weeks I have had a bunch of make-up doctor appointments for things that I have been putting off for a few months.  It is nice to have them done and know that it seems as though I am healthy as far as cancer is concerned.  But I'm thinking about making an appointment with my wonderful primary doctor to find out if I am just middle aged or if there is something more to it than just mid-life funkiness.

Oh, and we only have one cat now.  After the two week separation period that nearly killed me (keeping the two recently neutered male cats apart) we had a huge thunderstorm and Shoji apparently ran away and probably got eaten by the wild animals that roam the night.  All that emotion and care that I put into him and he goes and gets killed.  But Tigger is pretty happy to be the only cat left and Nelli and Tig get along okay.

Such is my life in May 2010.  And no, I won't be flagging this post on Facebook.


  1. Glad you're o.k., Linda . . . relatively speaking. Hang in there--summer's coming one of these days!

    Wow! Seven weddings? Grrr.

  2. We have recently moved and I have finally gotten out my laptop which has all my blogs in my 'favorites', so I'm getting caught up. I'm glad your drs appts went ok. I'm with you...our weather has been yucky and that just makes the mood yucky. Let's hope Shelly is right and summer is coming soon:)