Saturday, July 24, 2010


My girls and I recently went for a quick visit with my mom and my sister and her family.  It is a long drive and sadly that really wears me out with that crazy fibro-thingy. But we always have fun together.

While we were there we tried for a fun family activity:  Grandma teaches us how to make kringla.

Kringla is a Norwegian treat that I don't really get too excited about personally.  However, eating it warm, right out of the oven is another thing.  So we got together and had some fun.  

I thought we were going to do the whole process but as it turned out my mom had already made the dough ahead of time.  It has to chill before you make the actual kringla so I guess that was a good plan.

So the big girls got to each make several tries at making a perfect kringla shaped product after carefully rolling the dough into a long snake.  But don't use too much flour!  That will make it tough.  But you need some flour so it is a very delicate balance.
My mom is very good at making them the perfect shape.  We, however, were not.  Some of ours looked like giant pretzels like you get at a fair.  But they tasted good if you cooked them long enough!

There was some dispute about how long to cook them because my mom has a "method" for after she takes them out of the oven.
 Apparently if they aren't cooked enough she leaves them on the pan to "keep cooking" until the bottoms are browner than they were when we took them out. Of course, that method works if you made all of your kringla in uniform size.  We did not. So my sister and I had a hard time leaving them alone and kept wanting to put them on the rack to cool.   Or eat them.  With butter.  Well, with fake butter because my sister is a Country Crock consumer.  Anyway, it was fun, tasty and we passed on the legacy of kringla making.


  1. Looks like all had fun. Wish I could have seen you while you were here. I trust it was a good trip.

  2. I was hoping to run into you too, but alas, I did not. We drove by the church one day when there were a lot of cars there for something. I was tempted in case it was a women's meeting but we decided against it.

  3. Wow, homemade pretzels look awesome!

    I found your blog while looking for other bloggers who love Christian fiction. Thought I'd stop and say hi :)

  4. Well, they are not pretzels, but a Norwegian pastry. What kind of fiction do you like?

  5. What a fun time! :) I love that you did this and would love to taste one of your 'creations'. Any chance of a your home???

  6. Hi Linda,
    whoops, that's what I get for looking mostly at the pictures :)

    I like all sorts of fiction, but my favorite Christian books are The Book of the Dun Cow, Blaggards Moon (and the entire Firfish series by Polivka), and I'm a huge fan of the C.S. Lewis' Narnia series. I'm also a big fan of Peretti's Young Adult fiction.

    What about you?

  7. What fun to see your family at work, Linda! Your mom looks great! Wish I could have seen you, too. Next time?

  8. Brandon
    I like anything from Karen Kingsbury, Deanne Gist, Francine Rivers to Ted Dekker. Where can I learn more about your book?

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  10. Hey Linda,
    I've got a few Kingsbury and Dekker books (haven't read them yet). I'm a bargain book buyer, so I buy for future reading...unfortunately, I end up buying faster than I can read :)

    I've been intending to get my hands on some Francine Rivers--everyone says her stuff is excellent.

    Thanks for asking about my book. You can find out more about it at my blog, or website...or you could try the publisher's website (I'll give you all three!)

    Does it sound like a book that would interest you??