Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Apple Picking Time

It is hard to believe this but  a year ago today I was blogging about the same thing as today.  APPLES.

Yesterday my girls did not have school because of parent teacher conferences last week.  So because I needed to go to "town" and get another sample book of flooring I asked if they wanted to eat at McDonalds.  They did, so I ate at home ( I hate MCDs) and we went to town for a couple hours of fun.  They ate, I visited with a friend who was there and then we went to the hardware store.  Then we went to my friend's coffee shop and had an ice cream treat and visited with Cathy.

When we got home I said it was time to pick the apples.  So we went out and made an apple picking team of  sorts and got all the apples off of the tree.  It was FUN.  I had one daughter IN the tree and the other was using the apple picking basket apparatus thingy.  She and I took turns with it and we picked a bunch of apples.  

So now it is time for me to do work!

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