Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a wonderful program honoring Veterans at our school.  My husband has attended in the past but I have always chosen to stay home.  That was a mistake!

This year our youngest daughter is a member of the sixth grade class who organizes and hosts the event with their teacher.  (Actually, the teacher organizes and then she graciously allows them to host which makes them very proud).

We started out being served a delicious breakfast of biscuits and gravy.  It was served by mostly boys because there are only 3 girls in the sixth grade.  It was so cute to see them serving in their own unique way.

Then we moved to the gymnasium where the main program was held.  The honored veterans were all given nice cushioned seat chairs on the floor.  Fortunately for me my husband, Craig was the main speaker so I got to sit with him in the good chairs.  

The program was great and the words that my husband shared were awesome as usual.  He is a fine Patriot and served his country faithfully for 21 years.  I am proud of him and what he has taught me about loving our country.

The students all did a great job.  I had many tears of joy and pride as I listened to the talks and watched the ceremonies in which they took part.  

I took a lot of pictures which you can look at here.

As I sat in the bleachers at the end with my daughter, I looked down at all those men who have served our country so wonderfully.  It struck me that even though many of them were getting very old and didn't look like soldiers anymore,  at one time they were all strapping young men who had all of the same aspirations to live their lives as the young people who sat among me in the bleachers.  

How could we ever let their lives go by unnoticed and without honoring them with all of our highest praises!  These are the champions of our country.  Not the famous athletes or celebrities, but these men.  Just regular people from the heartland who stood up to defend their country and keep us free.