Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time To Say Goodbye

Well, all good things must come to an end.

Why is it so hard to let go of things that are just, things?  I realized a couple days ago that my beloved TAB t-shirt that I've had for YEARS has got to go.  I found it on the men's rack at Walmart way back when and it brought back such wonderful memories of my very first favorite diet soft drink.  Why, I remember it like it was just yesterday.............. (Cue dreamy music)

My high school did not have a school cafeteria for my first 3 years of high school.  No, it wasn't in the 1920's.  That's just the way it was in my school.  But we did have something wonderful going on at lunch time.  Our school's FFA  (Future Farmers of America for those of you who don't live in the nation's heartland) club sold-------------------------------------wait for it--------------pop--------------------- during the brief lunch period.  

Most days I didn't bring a lunch at all but I would hurry to get in line for an ice cold soft drink.    And at that time in history, TAB was my drink of choice.  

I looked it up on the interweb and found out that TAB was born the same year that I was!  According to my source it was marketed to those who wanted to "keep tabs on their weight".  Oh, they were so clever in the 60's!   I figure that I started to drink it in around 1978 or 1979.  

Sadly, TAB's popularity began to wane in 1982 when some strange drink called Diet Coke came into existence.  I bet you young pups thought there had always been diet sodas!  TAB's final tagline was "TAB's Got Sass".  I think we all know why it died after that in 1986.

So back to my sad story.  My TAB t-shirt has died.  It has had a rip under the left sleeve for some time but I couldn't find it in me to let it go peacefully.  

A few mornings ago I was rushing around getting my girls up for school and I looked down at the rip.  I realized it was too far gone and that it must disgust my family to see me wearing it anymore.  So, tonight, I attempted to say goodbye to my old friend and very comfortable sleeping wear. 

As I walked to the trash can and attempted to throw it away my 17 year old daughter said "Mom, be a pack rat for once in your life and save it.  It is history.  You've worn that thing for like, 80 years."


Maybe I'll just wash it up and put it in a box in my closet.  For a while.



  1. Love it! That shirt is almost an antique! :) Or a collector's item. I wouldn't get rid of it either.

  2. Anthony's t-shirts always have arm pit holes - I just sew 'em up! And I'm no seamstress but it works.

  3. This is more of a side of the shirt rip, friends. Not fixable but thanks for trying to help me out. I'll just keep it for posterity.

  4. Why don't you cut out the Tab block and sew it onto another t-shirt and continue to wear it?