Monday, January 24, 2011

The People You'll Meet In Heaven

I'm in the process of reading a great book, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, by Eric Mataxas.  It is so very interesting and insightful.  Plus it is historical which means that I am loving it.  I am not yet half way through it and I've already read about 300 pages.

Yes, it is a lot of information and not something you can read straight through like a novel or an easy read.  But I am amazed at the insight of this mere man at such a young age.  The thing is, it has left me wanting to know more.  This is the kind of man you would want to meet and learn from him the deep lessons and thoughts of his life.  In person.

 I'm certainly going to seek him out in Heaven and sit down and spend some time talking with him.  In this life I would feel inferior to his intelligence and wisdom and would never seek him out if he were available to me.  But in Heaven those self-conscious feelings will be gone so I'm looking forward to meeting him and learning from him personally about his life and what he experienced.

So, it got me wondering.  Who are the people in history that my friends  look forward to meeting in Heaven one day?  And not the obvious answers of Jesus, Biblical heroes, or beloved family members who have gone before us.  But people you find interesting and whose faith has inspired you in your life.

Who are the people you want to meet in Heaven?


  1. Linda, My name is Crystal. My husband and I are hoping to adopt a child from Russia and I ran across your blog. It looks like you adopted your daughter as a toddler from Russia. Some of the things I read on the internet can be really scary and I'm just trying to understand just what raising an internationally adopted child really looks like? I would really appriciate your insight. BTW my husband grew up in western Kansas. We now live in Kansas City.


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