Friday, February 18, 2011

Project List--Check

Our little family here at home had a BIG day last Saturday.  And I've been trying to recover all week.  That's the way it is with fibromyachingbodyfulloffatiguealgia.  

But I got a shot of energy yesterday when the weather was nice and was able to check the last thing off of the project list that has been hanging in my little "office" for  probably over a year.  Of course I've done much more than just the things on the list but I'm a person who likes to see my accomplishments completed on a list.  

Now I have to confess that I did hand off one of these projects to someone else.  My wonderful sister-in-law, Susan, is repairing my first quilt for me since she has the skills to do it.  She does not probably have the time but she graciously said she would take care of it and have it quilted by one of her "go to" people who does quilting.  

And my husband helped me with some of the more mechanical parts of the dresser repairs.  

But I still feel a great sense of accomplishment in reaching some goals in my life.  And THAT is a great feeling!

What projects are you working on at your house?


  1. Whoo-hoo! Congrats on crossing all things off lists! love the dresser. Did you paint it or was it always that color? I need to go through every room in my house.

  2. I re-painted it. It was red and now it is brown. My kids' dressers were all given to us by my parents over the years and they got them for probably $20. So I'm just recycling or reusing I guess! They still work!

  3. Oh, and I changed out the hardware.