Tuesday, March 8, 2011

5 Inches

Living room curtains
Recently I got to do something that I've been wanting to do for a long time.  

We built our house in 1996-97, moving in towards the end of May.  My "style" has morphed over time but I like to just move things around when I can.  It helps that most of my main floor living space has interchangeable colors that compliment each other.  

I've had these curtains in my living room for a long time.  But they were hung too low.  When you're building a house you make compromises with each other and let's just say that I didn't make that many when compared to my husband.  He made some choices that  I still wish were different but for the most part he deferred to me.  

We tried to save as much money as possible doing a LOT ourselves when we built.  Craig was at the house EVERY DAY during the winter overseeing the work by the builders and helping with everything (he was farming then).  It saved us THOUSANDS of dollars in the end.  For that I am so thankful because we have the house that we love and we paid for it as we went along.  

At the time of our initial decorating we "made" our own curtain rods.  My husband is famous for looking at something I like and saying 'I can make that a lot cheaper'.  And sometimes he does.

Sometimes I just say, 'yeah, but you won't ever get it done' because it is true and we just buy the thing.  But in this instance he did it.  He took wooden closet poles, cut them to length, stained them to match our woodwork and put fancy wood finials on the ends.  Then he hung them so that his favorite feature of our woodwork would show--those little plinth blocks that are on the corners of all of our windows.

And for all these years those have worked great.  But in truth my curtains had to be folded over to "fit" to the length I wanted and even then they were too long.  I've been cleaning up dog hair that pools around the bottom of those things for years.  

So last week I took them down, washed them, hung them out to dry, ironed them and we put up new rods 5 inches higher.  

And I feel so much better!

Ahhhhh. Just right.

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