Friday, June 29, 2012

My Happy Staycation

HOME SWEET HOME  (Disclaimer:  I have a bunch of pictures I wanted to include in this and I can't get them to upload).

I am the quintessential homebody.  You know, look up the word in the dictionary and my picture will be there with me chilling in my own home.

Don't get me wrong, I do like visiting new places and I've done my share of traveling in my life.  But the thing that makes my heart most happy is to be piddling around my own house.

Sometimes when we are driving somewhere that I really want to go I still look longingly at the farmsteads we drive by and think "I am so jealous of them because they are HOME."

This week the lone kid left at home has been away at Bible camp.  I pray she has been having fun and learning lots even though it is 100 and uncomfortable degrees outside.

I, on the other hand, have been living the life of luxury.  Please don't hate me.  I know I am blessed to be a stay at home mom and I am grateful for it.

Earlier in the week I decided to make some pillow covers for my living room out of dish towels.  I was putting away clean clothes and I looked at the dish towel in my hand and thought "that would make a cute pillow and it is about the right size."  So I gathered up 4 towels and headed up to my sewing room.  Apparently a brain which is empty of all thinking and with no schedule to follow has more room for creativity!

Reading has been another fun pastime this week.  I finished re-reading a couple books that I had forgotten that I loved.  I also read a new book that my friend gave me when she was cleaning out her closet.  She actually gave me two big shopping bags full of books so I'm pretty set for quite a while in the reading department.  

I loved how the book combined fictional characters with real people from history in a place that I love to learn about.

Wednesday, I spent the whole day home alone and I was in introvert heaven!!!  Major re-charging of the soul happens when I can be completely and totally alone.

Of course, during this intense heat I've been spending some time out in my garden watering which I truly find quite enjoyable.  Also, I got a chance to mow on Monday night for the first time in forever.  I enjoy the hum of the mower and the quiet solitude it makes in my head and heart.

Yesterday was the best day, though.  I got to spend it with my dear friend and we had such fun shopping together and getting a yummy pedicure (my first in 3 years!)  in relaxing splendor.  We laughed, we shopped, we made fun of my obsession with clocks and that she had never heard of Holly Hobbie.    We poured out the fears and worries of our hearts to one another.  We ate ice cream and then we came home to my place and she helped me get over my fear of making the first cut in a new quilt I'm about to start.  When it comes to numbers and thinking I believe that I need 2 brains so I had to borrow hers.

There is nothing like a day of laughter and the sharing of one's heart with a dear friend.

I hope that whatever kind of vacation you have this summer it will be as wonderful as mine.


  1. You and I think alike! Love my lot in life!

  2. That sounds truly lovely. I'd love (someday) to 1) drive somewhere unknown all by myself and 2) stay home all by myself. I will have a few hours to myself coming up in August so I guess that will come soon. Scary.

    And your day out with your friend sounds lovely. I hope to have a really deep friendship like that where you can share some day.

  3. Randi, it took many years for me to find ANY friend let alone a friend like that. But it is a treasure indeed.