Thursday, August 2, 2012

At Last

Remember my dining room table?

My husband bought it on a neighbor's garage sale.  That neighbor had built it and it had different legs then.  So Craig put some old porch posts on it for legs instead.  

Now, I have to confess, I have always liked the table per se.  But in other ways I have hated that table.  It needs some better finish on top so it doesn't look like I wiped it with a dirty rag every time I clean it off.  

A few weeks ago I decided to do something to make me like my table much more than I do:  paint the legs and apron "the color".

When we first built our house I picked "the color" for all rooms from the background of our dining room wallpaper. So the lumber yard named it "the color" for our records. 

I found some leftover "the color" in the basement and decided it would look better if my table had a different look from the other furniture in the room.  I'm not into matchy-matchy stuff but someone else in my house is more into that.  

So we had painted our table legs black to match our hutch that we painted.  Our chairs were black when we bought them and they have never really looked like a match and it has bugged me.  They are a true black and the hutch and table legs were more of a blue-black.  

I filled all of the screw holes in the apron (which also bugged me) weeks ago and sanded them smooth.  I've been ready to paint with my free paint all this time but waited for a day when Craig wasn't working from home.  (Because he uses the dining room table)

Yesterday, I did it.  I painted the apron and legs of my table and I truly do love it better.

Now I just need to put a better finish on the top and I'll be satisfied.  Maybe.

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