Monday, August 27, 2012

Does This Chair Make My Dining Room Look Fat?

It seems like things are always "in flux" around our house when it comes to furniture placement.  You know, I like it that way, usually.

I recently saw a picture on pinterest that made me think of something we could do to solve the "home office" problem that we have around here.  

My husband works from home.  He has been using our dining room as his office for the whole time this has been happening (which is about 4 years).  

It frustrates me.  Why?

Because we have put a lot of time and money over the years into making a gorgeous home office across the hall from the dining room.  

So.  When I saw a picture that looked very much like our office remodel from years ago I showed it to the hubs for his opinion.  He loved it!  All we needed was an attractive antique looking table to make it happen.  

We found a couple on the list that bears my hubby's name and almost bought one until he saw it in person.  Which seemed like a bummer until he found the perfect table at our local store of treasures.

So now it looks like this:

And I love it.  Just a little tweaking and it will be so much more functional.  

There used to be a wing chair in the office which was nice for taking a nap while waiting for the school bus.  And it looked good.  

But for the sake of traffic flow I moved it into my dining room the other day, just for kicks.

So does it make my room look weird?

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