Monday, January 14, 2013

Deal of the Season

I enjoy decorating for Christmas. Normally I enjoy taking them down equally as much.  There is a time for everything and there is a season for Christmas and a time for it all to come down.
This year I got everything down but there is something I just can't let go of as of yet.

On Christmas Eve we had to make a Walmart run for something and I told my husband that there were two of the little "village" pieces that I would like to have.  In the past I really didn't care much about having a little Christmas village because I didn't know where I would put it.  My mom has a Dickens village that she puts up on her soffit above her kitchen cupboards and it looks cute in her little kitchen.  She has lower ceilings so they are easy to see.

My sister has a Dickens village and has hers on some built- in shelves in her family room.

Quite honestly, I've never wanted to spend the kind of money it would take to have those pieces when I didn't know where I would put them.

Back to Walmart.  

When I was off looking for something else, Craig asked the manager what he would take for the two pieces I wanted since there were none left in boxes.  All that was left were the display pieces.  The manager said, "Would you take the whole shelf of display for $25 dollars?"

Um, yes!

So we got it.  All the little people, signs, trees, everything!

I really wanted this little church.  It is called Grace Church and even has a little outdoor sign.  As a bonus of our deal we also got the little bride and groom who had been newly married there.

I also wanted this cute Victorian style house and got the bonus of the light post, fence, trees, and the cute people figurines to boot!

It looks like this at night and makes me feel like I live in a quaint little Christmas town.  

Go ahead and click on the above picture and see all the cute little details we got since my husband returned to the store at 5 a.m. on the 26th and bought the rest of the supply they had to fill out my town AND got another set for our daughter.  All of that for under $60!  And my butler pantry is the PERFECT place to display them.

It pays to ask questions about seasonal items.  We were told they would probably just throw them away if we didn't buy them.  

I'm enjoying them so much, I may not take them down until May!

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  1. I'm impressed with your bargain!

    And I shudder to think about how much is just thrown away all across the nation.