Thursday, January 24, 2013

Healing the Secret

I am unashamedly pro-life.  I'm pretty sure that anyone who knows me even a little bit knows that.  

In spite of what many people might think,  my heart has always been tender toward women who have placed their children for adoption or who chose to have an abortion because they felt they had no other way.

As an adopted child and the mother of an adopted child I am well aware of the fact that we need healing for the unknowns of our pasts.  Even more so, we need healing for the "knowns" of our past that sometimes taunt us into believing lies about ourselves and about God.  This is true for those of us who have been adopted.  

In my talking with friends who have been through an abortion I know that this is true for them too.

  I've restrained myself from expressing my views this week which has been the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade.  It hurts my heart to think of all of the incredible people we have missed out on knowing because they were never born.  I have not expressed my strong opinions about abortion on social media because, quite frankly, I know and love people who have had them.  I know that they don't need any more shame heaped upon them but they need my love and the love of Jesus.

Today I came across a video series called Surrender the Secret.  I wanted to share it here because I have a heart for people who have regret and and a lack of forgiveness for themselves.   

I am so thankful that I can know the God of love and mercy that has forgiven me all of my sins--none of which are any worse or better than abortion.  

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