Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Love My Country Life

Some of you would be bored to tears with what has been my life of being a stay at home mom and wife for the past almost 30 years.  (Yikes!)  But it is the life I dreamed of having even as a young child.  My mom made it look easy because she was so efficient at doing it.  But she loved us well which is the only thing that really mattered.

A few minutes ago, I gathered up the trash in my house and went out to burn it.

  I stood a safe distance away from the barrels to watch over the fire lest it get away on the lovely breeze we are having today and ignite the rapidly ripening cornfield just a couple feet away.  Normally, wind is the word I would use here in the wheat state.  Wind is a daily part of our lives generally, but today it can only be described as a beautiful, fall breeze.

I moved a potted plant to a better place to get sun and spent some time tickling the cat.

As I stood under the magnificent maple tree that has lived here far longer than I, the only sound I could hear was the crackling fire and the sound of cicadas chirping in the background.  No traffic noise.  In fact, a car passed by my house while I was standing there and I heard the lone sound of it on our gravel road long before I saw it.

We were up long before the sun as we must in order to be ready for the school bus to arrive around 7 a.m.  Today was my day to send treats for the highs school volleyball team and we got those packed up as our daughter got ready for school.  She had too much heavy school related baggage already so I decided to drive it to school soon after the first bell rang.  The quick trip to school took 30 minutes out of my day but the drive was pleasant on this beautiful autumn morning.  When I was nearly home a coyote almost ran right into the side of my car but took note of me and ran around me to cross the road.

It is the time of year when I officially have lost the battle of weeds in my landscape and I'm just tired of maintaining it all at a modicum of perfection.  Every year I get to a point when I just want to enjoy my yard instead of being a slave to it.  Since we have had more heat recently,  I still water it when it needs it but mostly, just enjoy the fruits of my summer labor.

The tomatoes are on their last offerings of deliciousness.  I dread the day that I can no longer eat as many fresh tomatoes as I want to eat from my yard each day.

I'll be doing some loads of laundry and tidying up my mostly neat house.  Clean?  Not really.  Neat.  Yes.

Later this afternoon I will travel the road back to our school and watch a couple of volleyball games before we return home to do homework, take showers and go to bed and prepare for another day tomorrow.

Long behind me are the days when I cooked for seven and waded through the mess that was a life bursting with kids and their constant activity.  I've done that life.

I'm loving my life now.  The simple joy of a clean, empty sink and modern appliances.

It is time for living for the joy.  It is time for autumn bonfires.  I'm so ready.

I LOVE my country life.


  1. Contentedness is such a thing of beauty, and you've displayed it wonderfully here, Linda. What a gift to be living the life you love (I do too!). It's too bad more people can't do it or, at least, choose not to see the beauty in their everyday.

  2. Beautiful! I love my country life as well! Right now my favorite thing is the sound of the wind brusling through the dried corn stalks. There's no sound like it, and you only get it once a year! I've never been able to open my front door and just hear it all around me, so close to my ears! One of the things I'm giving thanks to God for right now!

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