Friday, August 14, 2015

Just So Thankful

Wednesday mid-afternoon we got a call from the liver transplant nurse at KU saying that Adam needed to go down the next day and see his doctor because some of his liver numbers were up and wonky.  Stressed?  YES!  

Our regular appointment that had been set up when we left the hospital was for this coming Monday.  "Why can't we just wait until Monday?" I asked.   They said they needed to see what was going on right away.  Disappointed?  YES!

Craig took him down since I had an appointment elsewhere and they left yesterday morning after we did flushes and dressings.  I truly felt that it was not going to be the emergent worry that it seemed they were making it out to be, but we wondered nevertheless. 

He had a CT scheduled and they said they would set him up in IR after 5 p.m. if that was a necessary procedure.   The day loomed long thinking in those terms.

Around 3:15 I got word from my guys that they were leaving the hospital and that everything was GOOD!  More than good, actually.  

The doctor said the CT showed that all of the collection areas of infection had collapsed and were NO MORE!!!  Remember "don't stop on 6"?  Well, those walls have come tumbling down!!!!!

On top of that, he said that it was a miracle that Adam didn't get some other condition which I can't recall the name of now.  But for THAT doctor to call something a miracle is, well, kind of a miracle!  He then went on to say that NEXT WEEK Adam will get all of his drains removed (unless one needs to stay--we'll pray) and they will put a stent into his bile duct and fix that for good.  The numbers being wonky was merely an immunosuppresant drug adjustment that we are fixing with a simple change of dosage.

I cannot describe to you the feeling of knowing that we will be done with this in one week.  It is like tons of weight off of our shoulders.  

God is so good.  He would still be good if none of this was happening, but He is so, so good for bringing us to where we are today.  

I cannot say enough thanks to all of you who are continuing to pray for Adam and for us.  This is still a journey we are on for a time as he strives to gain weight and strength to be able to go back to work.  We are so thankful to God and to God's people who are praying for us!!!!!!

The procedure to do all of these things will take place next Wednesday and they said it will be  a 3-4 hour surgery.  Please uphold us and carry us to Jesus once again.

Praise be to God for His wonderful mercy!

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