Monday, January 25, 2016

The Long Way Around

I'm reading through the Bible again this year or at least trying to do it.  So I'm starting in Genesis again which is good because our church is about to go on a year long study of the book.

But I've passed through Genesis already and have gotten into Exodus which is the story of the people of Israel being let go from Pharoah's grasp of slavery and setting out into the journey that God is taking them to His promised land for them.

It seems like my blog posts about Scripture are always stating the obvious but I guess I'm just a slow learner.  Before getting into chapter 13 of Exodus where the people of Israel are about to set off on their journey my Daily Walk Bible has this to say in preface:

"Insight Taking the  Scenic Route--Israel's God and Guide (in the form of a cloudy pillar) steered the travelers away from the most direct route to Canaan for at least two reasons: (1) to avoid certain warfare, and (2) to take Israel to the mountain of God(3:12). The nation needed to learn to walk with God before learning to fight for God."

Now I KNOW that I've read this before because I've used this study Bible for many years.  But, this year it really hit me between the eyes.  It has felt like my life this past year has been taking the long way around to the destination where I've wanted to arrive.  But God knows best how to get me where I'm going. Maybe you, like me, have taken a route recently that seemed like it was unending and indirect to the destination you had in mind.   

But now I'm seeing that perhaps God needs me to learn to walk more closely with Him before I can fight for Him.  The Old Testament may seem to you like just a lot of stories about the Jewish people before the coming of Jesus changed it all.  God intended for the Bible to be an all encompassing story of His plan of salvation for all of us.  Everything in the Old Testament points to something in the New Testament.  It's like a fascinating novel except it is all true and more real than anything we could come up with on our own.

I'm looking forward to learning how to walk with God so that I can fight for Him.

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