Monday, September 21, 2009


I really wanted to impress someone (anyone) with how my daughter's room turned out so I'm going to post some pictures here.

Today's project, which will almost finish our upgrade, was to make a covered lampshade.  While trying to show off for my bloggy friends I took pictures of the process.

Aren't you impressed?  Well, it just got really ugly after this.  Any time you involve me, spray adhesive and a hot glue gun there will be disaster.  So I stopped taking pictures after this impressive cut out.

But here is what her room looks like and hopefully you won't be able to tell what a crummy job I did on the shade.

This dresser is from Target and Katrina put it together all by herself for me.  The lamp is an old one of hers that I put some trim on to use for Anna.

This is how Anna decided to display her stuffed animals. We'll see if we can work on an alternate plan.

Here is the "new" bed which we moved over from Adam's room. We attached Katrina's old headboard and got new bedding at Walmart. The big white ape was a gift from Anna's cast specialist at her orthopedic doctor's office last week.  She named him Ron after the giver.

And here is my pathetic craft offering.  Hopefully she will like it for now.  It wasn't nearly as easy as the lady in the video I found on the internet made it seem .  I think it may be weeks before I get all the adhesive and hot glue off of my fingers!


  1. Very cute Linda... I'm impressed with the lamp.

  2. I love her room! Can't wait to see it.

  3. The room and lamp look great! Trust me. I have a photo of a lamp someone did that you must see to believe! I'll try to send it to you.