Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time To Turn The Clocks Back

Okay.  Since what I really want to write about today is the fact that I really LIKE my daughter on pain pills, I  decided to go another direction.

And if you are worried about her, don't.  Because she stopped taking them yesterday.  But I really LIKED her when she was taking them.  That's all I'm going to say.

On Facebook the other day I made a reference to my obsession love of clocks.  I don't know why but I just think they are interesting decorative items.  PLUS, they tell us what time it is so we can always be on top of things.

Anyway, I decided to take a clock tour of my home and to share it with whoever may happen upon this blog.  Now to some people a clock tour may be akin to, say, a ceiling fan tour in your house.  But I really like clocks and it's my blog so I'm doing it.

Welcome to Clock Tour 2009......................................

When you first come into my home you will be greeted by this big mama.  I got it for my birthday one year.  It is probably the only pricey clock I own (at least that I will admit to) and I didn't buy it.  I think I had made a comment about it when we were shopping for some other furniture at the great NEBRASKA FURNITURE MART once and since Craig didn't have any other ideas for my birthday he bought it and surprised me with it.
It used to live in the office but I really like to see it when I first come in the front door.  I'm one of those people who like to shake it up a bit and rearrange furniture from time to time often.

This one was another birthday gift.  I put it in our master bathroom because even though it looks pinkish in the picture it is really a copper color with green aged spots.  It sits near the mirror where you could see my age spots.  My dear dear friend Vickie gave this to me and she has class.  When I am out shopping and come across a really classy store I'll be thinking, 'that's a Vickie store.'

This is in my younger daughter's room.  I think I got this at Target which happens to be a very fun place to shop for home type stuff for cheap.  I love the little butterfly on the second hand.

This is a pretty large clock but it is hard to tell that in this picture.  Again, probably from Target where the clock aisle calls my name every time I get a chance to visit.

This is my mantel clock which may or may not have cost me more money than you might believe.  It did NOT come from Target.  I ordered it from a catalog and no one will ever have to know that it cost me a pretty penny.  But it is exactly what I wanted and sometimes you just need that.

Nathan, my oldest son, gave me this outdoor solar powered battery clock.  He kind of shares my love of time pieces I think.  He works at this really cool landscaping place and they used this in a Christmas display that he designed that was really cool.  It got a little broken but since he is so handy he fixed it and gave it to me.

Doesn't the woodwork match great?  This used to be my family room clock until that other bigger, better one called out to me and begged to be purchased.  Now this clock is in the office and I think it feels very happy here.

Another birthday clock out on my patio wall.  I'd always wanted a clock on our chimney so when my birthday had come one year and hubby didn't know what to get me I picked up this sweet thing at Lowes.  Happy Birthday to me!

This is my teenage daughter's alarm clock.  I think I know why she has trouble getting up in the morning.

Another fairly large clock in our bedroom. But I can read it from my bed without my glasses on!

  My kitchen clock over the sink area.  The heart goes back and forth while it keeps the seconds.  I ordered this one out of Country Sampler (I think) years ago when we built the house.  Trust me, it looks a lot more expensive from afar.

 In my dining room it is all about BLACK.  When I saw this clock I had to have it.  Plus it has the Roman numerals which I think looks really classy in the dining room.

We really needed this clock by our kitchen table since I got rid of the old under cabinet clock radio that you used to be able to see from the table.  It is small and simple and I have my eye on one to replace it with that is easier to see.  Besides, I think I need this clock in my guest bathroom.

See all of the dust around this clock?  It is in my laundry room and the time hasn't been correct for a while now.  But to get to it I have to get on a step stool and then stand on my washing machine.  If you know me at all you know that this could truly be deadly for me.  Besides, when I bought this one at Hobby Lobby (another great place to find cool clocks)  it was mostly because it looked so, well, cool.  I'll try to get it set again by the time daylight savings time changes again next spring.

And there you have it!  If you looked at the time on any of these clocks you probably figured out that I haven't gotten them all set back yet.  I guess for me that is just part of the fun.

Oh, and don't tell my mom I was blogging.  I told her I was dusting today.

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  1. I love all your clocks! I especially like the outdoor one that your son fixed for you.