Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Dog

Here we are again having a big, fat snow day.  It doesn't seem so strange now that it is December.  It just keeps snowing and snowing.  We are supposed to get 40 mph winds as the day goes on but, so far, just placid looking snow.  

The kids are home from school today and possibly tomorrow.  As long as we keep our electricity I'm cool with that.  It is when the computers, tvs, and movies are inoperable that life becomes much less pleasant around here.  

I have nothing witty or original to say except that I'm starting to get a little bit of shopping done online.  That is, when I can get to the computer without a stand off with one of my girls.  

My kids are all at the age when they want big ticket items for gifts and it is somewhat less satisfying for me as a mom.  Not that they don't appreciate the gifts.  But there was something so wonderful about watching them when they were little opening that toy that was just what they had been begging for as a Christmas gift.  Or maybe surprising them with something unexpected.

About 6 years ago my husband surprised all of us with the gift of a St. Bernard puppy for Christmas.  I wish I had the film of that gift being received to share here.  It was so great.  

Unfortunately, that puppy only lived with us for 11 months before she got hit by a car.  My husband did everything he could to help her, he even took her to K State's vet hospital.  But she didn't make it.  I cried for DAYS.

So we got another puppy that winter.  Patriot's Benelli is her official name we gave her.  We just call her Nelli.  

Today Nelli is chomping at the bit of my restraint and wants to go outside to play in the snow.  She was out earlier helping to deliver mail to the mailbox.  But now Anna is outside and the two of them, well, they are like siblings who fight too much.  And Nelli outweighs Anna by about 40 pounds.  

So here she sits unhappily.  Standing by the door occasionally hoping that I'll take the hint.

It could be a long day....................................

If you want to see her in action look here.

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