Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Winter Thoughts

Well, well, well.  Here it is four days after Christmas and I have only been out of my house once for about 90 minutes in over a week.  And that 90 minute or so adventure was to the nursing home to see my mother in law with our whole  family.  In the same car.  On very snow blocked roads.  It made me almost thankful that we were not able to make our trip to Illinois to see my family being in that car together on snow packed, slippery, drifted in roads.  

And until you've been in a very small room in a nursing home with my three very big sons, two daughters, and the two of us (not including grandma who was already there) you've not lived.  What is it about being cooped up in a small space that makes what should be normal adult young men suddenly act as though they are 3, 4, and 7 again?  

So my world has been a bit narrow the past week.  We were going to have our Christmas at home together on Christmas Eve and then drive up near Chicago on Christmas Day.  Not optimum mind you but workable.  It is not as though we have never done it before.  

But the Wednesday (two days before) prior to Christmas we realized that the weather was not going to be our friend.  We made the executive decision to box up the gifts and UPS them to their recipients 500+ miles away.  Then the blizzard began.

We tried, we really TRIED to go to church on Sunday.  We tried going north and got stuck.  We tried going south and got stuck.  So we came home.

Yesterday was the first day we have seen the sun in many a day.  Lots of snow moving took place.

I'm starting (okay, I'm way beyond) to get cabin fever.  But there is really nowhere I need or want to go.  I may go get some groceries today just so we can eat something different.  

One kid has flown the coop already and is on a ski trip to Colorado.  The snow will be his friend there.  Another kid is finding places to go which is alright with the rest of us.  And one kid will have to leave eventually and go back to work.  The other two are living in the land of staying up very late and sleeping for long periods of daylight.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas.  Ours was pretty great actually.  As we began to open our gifts on Christmas morning my husband said, "let's take it one gift at a time.  We have ALL day to do this!"

Here's hoping and praying that winter goes by quickly and that the promised spring arrives right on time.  I do like to be punctual you know!


  1. Wow! What a lot of snow!

    I know what you mean about nursing homes (and hospital rooms) causing people to revert to childhood. I get all giggly and nervous when I'm in a situation like that.

    Or else I get sick. One time I was visiting a friend who was desperately ill (she died a few days later), and I had to keep going out into the hallway to get water because I was about to faint. Hospitals are not my friend. At all.

  2. I think there was just too much togetherness with four people sitting on the edge of a twin bed. They couldn't stop poking each other!

  3. Although you've been cooped up, it sounds like a wonderfully, cozy Christmas:-) I like doing the presents one at at a time, too! We do that with my family...not so much with Dick's family!