Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Chaotic Thoughts

It is January 5th and I haven't blogged since Christmas.  Of course, to blog you have to actually be able to touch the computer.  Since my kids have been home that is a very difficult task.  I either have to get up before noon (when they start to function) or have more going on in my life other than watching it snow.  Since I was able to get up before them I should have been able to blog.  But there isn't really much to blog about when you are just in the house watching it snow and blow outside while watching the thermometer mercury drop just a little lower each day.

But today.  Today my kids (girls) go back to school.  My husband is going to the farm show in the city.  My college guys will sleep like they've never had a chance to do so in their lives up until now.  Today is my day.  I don't really have anything interesting to write about though.

And my first day of quiet freedom from otherness I woke up at 6:00 remembering that I was summoned for jury duty beginning this week.  I realized that I had forgotten to call in and check to see if I should be needed and immediately began to worry that they may just arrest me.  Then I checked the paperwork and realized that they must know that no one would be able to come in while their kids are out of school.  They start tomorrow.  Which is good because I totally forgot.  But it is bad because I have plans tomorrow.

Of course, it is supposed to snow another 4-6 inches tomorrow so my plans may well  be  thwarted anyway.

I wonder if the county court would excuse me because I still haven't gotten my husband to decide what he wants to do with our Christmas tree.  I cleaned the house of Christmas decorations a week ago but can't get him to make a decision on the tree.  He SO wants to keep it together and store it in the basement.  But he doesn't think he can get it through the doorways.  (I wanted to get a smaller, thinner tree when he bought this one a couple years ago, but NO.  He had to get the fattest, most complicated tree available.)  

So, this is really boring.  I think I'll go start a project that doesn't involve the tree.  And be thankful for the quietness of my mind and house today.

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  1. Good luck with the tree...it's soooo nice if you can keep them all in one piece. We might get some SNOW here on the gulf coast this week...it will be nice for just a day! Hope you have a great week and try to keep warm!