Friday, January 8, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

It has certainly been quite the week at our house!  We just got the kids back to school after a bunch of snow days, Christmas vacation (which was pretty much all snow days because we couldn't go anywhere), and now three days into the first week back-- BAM-- two more snow days.

But it gets better.  Yesterday morning when we got up for our first day off of school after only 3 days back (did I mention that?) my husband announced to me upon awakening that we had no phone, no internet, and no television.  Did I happen to mention that we were trapped in our home and the kids were here with nothing much to do?  ( Not to mention my husband who LOVES his computer with a love beyond description.)

We are very fortunate in that the boonies where we live we have fiber optic super fast internet service which is connected to our phone and our television channels.  And it's funny, because the company that provides these services for us has a really LAME commercial made locally which praises the fact that we can't lose our services due to weather related issues.  I wish I could share it with you but really I don't.  

So here we were without services.  But we were the only ones with this problem.  Apparently the super frigid weather we've had has shrunken some of the super fiber and it disconnected our connection.  

But bless their hearts some guys came out this afternoon with a backhoe and dug up the frozen earth and fixed the problem.  They are my heroes.

Actually I have kind of enjoyed the whole no computer, no tv thing.  It is the phone not working that was kind of creepy.  I don't get many phone calls.  None really.  But just knowing that we couldn't get phone calls was very confining for me.  I am claustrophobic after all.

So it would be lovely to tell you that we sat around and played board games and had lively conversations but that didn't happen so I can't lie.  We did, however, watch a lot of DVDs and get a lot of decluttering done.  

By the way if you have never seen or heard of the movie Taking Chance starring Kevin Bacon it is a must see.  We forced encouraged our two older kids here to watch it with us.  They seemed to like it okay but it didn't measure up to video games or chatting online.  It is a movie that every American should watch.  

So, I'm glad to be back in cyberspace and checking on my blogs and such.  

Here's hoping that school will be back in session Monday morning and spring is on the move.

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  1. Yes, I missed you! As much as technology frustrates me, as soon as it's not available, I go crazy!! Glad you survived:-)