Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Girls vs. Boys

I returned late last night from a blitz 24 hour trip to visit my oldest son to celebrate his upcoming birthday.  It was a great time to get away by myself (during the driving phase of the trip) but also to spend quality time with my guys.  My two college sons live between the oldest one and us so I stopped there for a break on my drive home last night.  Today as I have been jumping back into my home routine I have made some observations about the differences between me (a girl)  and boys.  I thought it might be fun to share them. The difference between living in an all guy house  and a predominately girl house are as follows:

  1. The standard operating procedure in the bathroom is to always leave the seat UP.  I found myself having to remember to not CLOSE the seat but to put it back into the state in which I found it
  2. Guys don't use wash cloths.
  3. Men are more warm blooded and therefore don't feel the need to use their furnaces fully.  Some of this relates to a certain male being very frugal but that is not a bad thing.  Which leads us to....
  4. Guys only feel the need to have a sheet and the bedspread over them while they sleep.  My son graciously gave me his comfortable bed while he took the couch that he and his college roommate found in the dumpster about 5 years ago.  I love my son for being such a gentleman.  However, since it was already very cold in his apartment I was wishing for another blanket or two. 
  5. I LOVE that we could shop for a while and then just sit on the black beast and eat cookies and watch Seinfeld together instead of feeling the need to cook a meal.
  6. Less space means less room to clean up.  
  7. While today I am doing about 8-10 loads of laundry, my son hadn't done any for almost a week and didn't really need to.
  8. Curtains are merely of way of keeping people from looking into your house.
  9. TV screen clarity and size are much more important than what you are watching!  
  10. Never visit your sons without bringing cookies.


  1. this was one list that i always wanted to make too, hopefully my boys can learn to put the seat up as they grow up. its more of a challenge here, to see if you can pee in the toilet with out putting the seat up.

  2. Thought you'd enjoy or relate to that list, G!