Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Someone's Calling You......

When is the last time someone called your name that it didn't involve something from you?  

"Sweetie, could you please bring mommy the dishes and help me wash them?"  

"I will only be your friend if you promise to not like anyone else but me."

"Class, you must have this assignment done by next Tuesday or you will fail."

"Honey, I need you to sign this bank note and be in debt with me forever."

"Mom, I promised my class that you would make 12 dozen cookies by tomorrow's party."

 And when was the last time that someone called your name to relieve you of your pain, your suffering or your mistakes that haunt you in the deepest darkest regions of your heart?  Do you feel like if one more thing is asked of you it just might break you?

Maybe you need this.

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