Friday, April 9, 2010

Decorating Fun for You and Your Kids

Though we celebrate the true meaning of Easter at our house, which is the death and resurrection of Jesus, we also celebrate with candy and fun.

This year, along with the candy I got all of my kids (ages 25-12) I got the girls something really fun for them and for me.  I spotted it when I was shopping near the Easter candy at Target.  It wasn't part of the Easter stuff for sale but more in the area of their "room decorating for kids" section.  It was a a big hit with both my 17 year old and my 12 year old.

They are called "Motifs in a Minute"  and they are a wonderful way to let your kids decorate their own room without the mess or fuss of painting.  Plus, they are reusable and re-positionable so you can change your mind over and over again. (Remember Colorforms?  Kind of the same concept only better.) It is a girl's dream!  They also have cute sets for boys so everyone can be happy!

Katrina is really into owls so when I spotted the cute owl motif I knew she would love it.  She does!  And we had so much fun putting it up together.  I peeled and she positioned.  She has an artistic bent so this satisfied a need in her to create and to make her room her own.

For Anna the perfect choice was to go with the flowers, bugs, and butterflies.  She loves all of those and they also happened to be in the colors that go beautifully with her room already.  For once I felt like I could turn her loose in how she decorated in her room without worrying about if I liked it or not.  Because you can take them down and change them around or you can move them into different positions and not hurt anything!
Aren't they fun?

It is $15.00 of fun and good times!

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