Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nursemaid to Cats and Other Jobs I Didn't Sign Up For

Bad grammar yes.  But I think it is acceptable in this instance.

Today has been a flurry of activity and a lot of nothing at my house.  Early this morning we were descended upon by three sets of workmen to continue "the project of many things".  Electrician guy came to finish up the can lights, sheet rock guys came to heal over our basement ceiling and plumber guys came to finish what they could of our re-plumb job.  

My early morning task was to take Tigger (Cat #2) to the vet to be, uh, "tutored".  It was supposed to be two cats going to the vet but after the "tutoring" of Shoji (Cat #1) I think the word got out that there were horrible things happening to cats around here and Puff (Cat #3) has gone into hiding.  We're hoping and praying that he will return since he is the number one pet of daughter #2.  On top of that Puff is the nicest cat we've had in a long time.  It would be tragic to lose him now.

I also made an early morning run to Walmart to pick up light bulbs for the new can lights and to gather in supplies to get us through the end of the week.  This I did happily since my husband had already picked up what he thought were the right bulbs a few days ago.  I was just glad to not be the only one who buys the "wrong" thing from time to time.

The plumbers were working in the garage to put a new hydrant in so I had to bring Shoji into the house to keep him from running away since he is the new kid on the block.  But my dog was also in the house so I brought Shoji into the office with me whilst I frittered away time on the computer.  He's lying in a chair staring at the ceiling even now.

I just returned from the vet with patient #2 (Tigger) and he is acting totally insane from the drugs.  Shoji was very mellow and happy to be home but Tigger is hallucinating.  Considering the vet said that the drugs they give are somewhat like LSD I guess that is to be expected.  

So there is a lot happening here where construction is concerned.  But I'm doing a whole lot of nothing with no water and a messy house that will stay that way until the workmen leave me for good.

At least I can add nurse to cats to my ever growing resume of experiences.


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