Sunday, October 24, 2010

Being Invisible

Last week I got a compliment from someone which to some people might not seem like a compliment.  But after hearing the sermon today it seems even more like a compliment in a humble sort of way, I hope.

Eighth commandment.  DO NOT STEAL.  Most of us have that one covered we think.  But as usual Charlie challenged us today in a much broader sense of what that commandment means.  

He said that stealing reveals a selfish heart.  He taught us that we "steal" more than just valuable tangibles.  We can also steal time, attention, caring, opportunities.  Stealing, said Charlie, is a relationship breaker.  

Then he said that he feels that the number one thing we steal is God's glory.  That when we don't reflect Jesus in our lives we are virtually stealing glory from God because we are to be set apart, holy, examples of His image in our lives.  Like the nation of Israel we are to be the shining prize or the reflection of His glory.

Which brings me to the compliment. 

I have had the privilege of being part of the group that leads worship in our church for quite a while.  It is something I am passionate about.  The more I do it the more I learn about what it is and what it is not.  

Last week while waiting for our band to practice at church I was visiting with a lady that has attended our church for close to a year now.  We've had a couple conversations the last few weeks as she has been serving as a chaperone to kids coming from another town to the AWANA club meetings held at our church.  As we were talking she asked me why I was there waiting.  I told her that I was in the worship band and that we had practice at a later time.  Then she said, "what do you do in the band?"  That question made me very happy.  

The reason it made me happy was that I was glad that she hadn't noticed me up in front.  Not because I am shy but for another reason.  

Because when I am up there I really, truly want to be invisible and see people just connect with God as they worship. I'm not sure that I always felt that way.  It started out that I loved to sing.  Certainly there have been times when I enjoyed having people say nice things about my singing or playing.  But the best part of leading worship is that we are not there to be in the way but to point the way to Jesus' heart.  That sentiment has come with some maturity as I learn more how to worship Him myself.

And today I learned that since I don't want to steal God's glory from Him, being invisible is the very best way to be.


  1. Well, I'm unsure of how invisible you are because you are very talented, BUT you can tell that you're not showboating up there, that you really are worshiping and leading us to worship, too.

  2. That's awesome, Linda. And I agree . . . a great compliment indeed.