Friday, October 8, 2010

How HGTV Has Ruined Us

I may have mentioned that we had icky 13 year old carpet in our master bathroom.  

My husband yanked it out over a month ago and we've been walking on carpet pad ever since.  So last Sunday night when he left to go out of town for the week I pulled up the padding and started pulling out staples.  We had already ordered and actually picked up our new vinyl flooring on Saturday.  

I was looking at that new flooring and thinking how wonderful it would be to have it all finished and clean and so I just couldn't help myself and started getting everything ready for when Craig got home again.  I had to scrub some mold off the subfloor with bleach and water.  It would have all week to dry.

Well. Craig got done working in Iowa a couple days early and came home on Wednesday.  Thursday morning he started the process of getting things ready to install the floor.  But the day dragged on for me.  Just when he would start to accomplish something he would have to make or take a phone call.  It seemed like it would take about a week at the rate we were going.

This is where HGTV has ruined us.  You watch a 30 minute or hour long show and they can redo an entire house.  All I wanted was some new flooring.  How hard could it be?

Today my husband got to it and worked hard to finish it up probably because he sensed my anxiety.  I might have said something about it taking a long time too.  

So, now I need to go clean my bathroom.  It feels like a whole new house when you do something great to your home.  I don't think even HGTV could do that for me.

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