Friday, December 3, 2010

My Kid's Christmas Program Can Beat Up Your Kid's Christmas Program

Last night we attended our kids' LAST GRADE SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM EVER!!!!!!! 

 And before you judge me and think that I am a terrible person just let me say this:  I have five children ages 25-12.  Since moving our kids to this school 10 years ago we have seen many programs over time.  And since our teacher has been re-using the same programs in a rotating fashion every five years for most of his 20+ year career we've even seen some twice.  

After the program I told Craig that I kind of felt like Raymond and Debra after Frank and Marie told them that they were moving 87 minutes away from them.  And if you don't get that reference then you should watch some episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond.  Actually, just one episode would illustrate it well.

Anyway!  In spite of being relieved that it was the "LAST GRADE SCHOOL CHRISTMAS PROGRAM EVER!!!" as always I was thankful for living where we live and that we can "get away with" a Christian program in a public school.  

Our school programs have more Gospel in them than many church programs, I fear.  It is great.  And though I had seen the one last night in a previous performance year, I enjoyed it, mostly because of the message.  Not to mention that "Mary" had the best 5th grade solo I have ever heard in our school.  Way to go Emma!

Anna loves the programs and though she never gets the big parts that she dreams of she enjoys every minute of performing.  She was a female lion last night which means she got to wear the same "cat" costume that she wore in last year's "Super Gift" program.  This year she was just supposed to be a bit larger cat!  

It truly gives me goose bumps and warms my heart to hear our school children singing about the "King of Kings" and to hear them all sing so sweetly about Jesus in our public school when most schools can't even use the word "Christmas."  

So, three cheers for small town America where we are still a Christian nation.  And in that Christian spirit, just know, that my kid's Christmas program can beat up your kid's program.


  1. Yes, we have been blessed this way for all these years!

    Who was the male lion? I made that costume for Matthew when he was a lion in '95 or '96!!! Except I don't think the next lion who used it returned it, so another lion's mom (maybe Janice Sandmann???) probably made this particular costume.

  2. One was a Gude and not sure the other's last name.

  3. I just recently saw that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond (again!)! I love that episode, especially when Robert throws Amy on top of the refrigerator!!

  4. And even better when Ray "tries" to throw Debra on the refrigerator!!!!