Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Springtime For My Soul

I started writing poetry when I was a small child.  Admittedly, I haven't written anything new for a long time.  And I've always hesitated to share any on my blog because of protecting my original works (that sounds like I think they are really something.  But in fact all they really are are MINE.)

I wrote the following free verse poem in 1985 but I have to say that, sadly, it applies to my life right now, even still, in this moment of time.  Funny how "feelings" come and go over the years.  I'm thankful that God, however, remains the same.

Sheathed beneath a layer of snow
The earth lies frozen,

                                                        Almost hiding, below a beautiful cover  
                                                        Hiding its coldness
                                                        Veiling the inability to bear fruit.

                                                        Jesus, I am like winter earth
                                                                 at times
                                                       My heart giving itself over 
                                                             to "seasons".

                                                       I am cold,

                                                       How I need the fresh rush
                                                               of warmth from Your Spirit
                                                       To bring back to life
                                                       The parts of my heart
                                                         That have succumbed to winter.
                                                       Set me free from the layers
                                                              of self-righteous ice
                                                        Veiling me from You

                                                        And let me again know
                                                        The fruitfulness of springtime
                                                                  In my heart.
                                                                                        linda polson 1985


  1. Oh my goodness Linda. That is incredibly poignant and beautiful! Touching. And it speaking right to my heart this moment as I am longing for that spring. As I was reading, it came to mind that it is a wonderful thing that God created our world to spin with seasons so that we can know He understands us. Even though he doesn't change like shifting shadows, we are surrounded with a world full of them. He is our only hope and constant. I am so glad. {And yes, I am home during the day. Came home with a crushing migraine and have just woken up to find this lovely nugget.}

  2. Beautiful! I know those feelings all too well. Very well writen.