Thursday, March 3, 2011

Growing Up Is Hard To Do

My older daughter is sick.  So last night it was just the 13 year old and I driving home from youth group and worship band practice.  I'm SO not ready for these conversations with this child.

"There was a boy who is 13 and in 7th grade who talked to me a lot tonight."

"He asked me a lot of questions like 'why do you wear hearing aids'."

"He asked if I want to go out with him.  What is 'go out with him'?"

"I told him NO."

"But he was kind of cute."

"He wanted my cell phone number."

"How come I can't get a cell phone until I'm 16?"

"How old will I have to be to be able to drive:"

And in the midst of this I said to her "Hmmm.  What was his name?"

Her reply, " I don't know who he is."



  1. Hahaha! Love it. I'm so glad to hear we're not the only parents in the whole world making their kids wait until they're sixteen for their own cell phone. :o)

  2. haha so cute. One day those will be my boys...oh dear.

  3. hahaha!!! oh, sweet little thing!

  4. Happy to be of service, Gina!

  5. you know if she just had a better youth paster this wouldn't happen!