Tuesday, April 5, 2011


There has to be something ironic about the fact that my daughter came home yesterday and plopped her graduation announcements down on my desk juxtaposed under my tassel.


  1. what an exciting time! :) I know it's scary but be reassured it is for her, too (even if she doesn't show it). :)

  2. I know you're right, Randi. She's just so special to me and her home years have gone by too quickly.

  3. I remember those days like yesterday...probably because it was only three years ago, lol :). My parents (especially my mom) struggled with my leaving, but I think she realized quickly that college wasn't that bad, especially when I would come home with loads of dirty laundry, a seemingly bottomless stomach and a habit of staying up till odd hours of the morning :).
    I hope and pray these transitioning years go well for you two!
    Emily Streit
    p.s. Sorry for the long rambling post!

  4. I am starting to realize how fast it all goes. Benji will be in pre-school next year. I remember when your K started coming to the Building (when I was helping up there), seeming like only yesterday and she is all grown up. She is a special little lady!!