Tuesday, April 19, 2011


One of my favorite bloggers  did this the other day and gave me this idea.  And since if it weren't for the internet no one would know whether I was dead or alive, I thought I would blog about books.

I went around my house and photographed my books.  Granted I am missing several that I have loaned to people but that it part of the joy of owning books.  My husband thinks that buying books is a big waste of money.  I disagree.  It is an investment into my life and into the growth of who I am.  It is a way to reach out to others and share in their sorrow or joys by sharing a wonderful book.  It is a way of learning and I LOVE to learn about people.

So  here are a few of my bookshelves scattered around my house.
Some Bibles and other good stuff.
Bonhoeffer.  Everyone should read about him.  The Twelvth Imam.  Amazingly good book of fiction.

A mix of fiction and just good writing.

Our mini collection of Dear America books.  My son loved them and I still love to read them.

What a mix!  My daughter calls my Amish fiction books Bonnet Books.
The Book of Virtues was a favorite of my boys when they were young.

Not the popular Twilight.  This one is by Kristen Heitzman and NOT about vampires.

I won the thesaurus in high school and the clerical book was a textbook.

I did NOT like the book Green.

The books I am reading now or just have read.  Along with a favorite movie!

What are you reading?


  1. neat! All of my books - except my very favorites or ones I haven't read - are in storage at a friends' house. :( I loved Captivating! And I still have your book - I'll try to remember to bring it Sunday!

  2. Hello! I love books and need to have them around! I can't depart easily any book and I just love to see them on the selves!
    I saw the quilt you have made to Vickie and it's amazing! Beautiful piece of art!
    Happy Easter! Teje

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Teje! I appreciate so much your kind words about the quilt. I haven't quilted for a while and feel kind of out of sync with it lately. Vickie is an amazing friend that I just don't see enough!