Monday, April 25, 2011

Wacky Weekend

From college son who works at a plant store.
To whom it may concern........................

We had a wacky busy weekend at our house.

On Friday Craig and I spent the day with second born son driving to and then around the big city looking for an apartment for the soon-to-be college graduate.  It was a mostly gloomy, rainy day but that somehow seems appropriate for Good Friday.  The sun came out gloriously around late afternoon in time to celebrate our finding a good place for a nice relatively low price that he can afford.

Beautiful farm on our long drive.

Later that evening we had some family arrive late (after I had gone to bed) to stay  for the weekend for a family funeral.  Saturday morning was said funeral.

After my kids that were here and I came home from the lunch I got busy with laundry and making a grocery list. We hooked another sister in law and her husband up to our "moving" trailer and sent them on their way back  home and then I took off to the Walmart.  I know you will believe me when I say that grocery shopping at Walmart the day before Easter is, well, such a joy.

When I got home another son was here, but just for the night.  He had to work on Easter.  Seriously, who is out buying plants for their garden from 1 to 6 on Easter Sunday?????  I guess  if you are I feel sorry for you for not having better, more family centered plans.

Then the cooking began.  I cooked and did laundry up until I went to bed LATE that night.  And not long before I went to bed, son # 3 arrived home with his sweet puppy.  Then I fell into bed and retired for the night.

Sunday morning I got up early and made yet more food because there just hadn't been enough time on Saturday.

We went to church and had a glorious wonderful time of worship and heard an incredible sermon as always.

Thankfully, my sister in law and her husband had spent the morning with my mother in law at the nursing home and brought her to our house before we got home.  They were able to put the food in the oven that needed to be cooked right before we ate.  And because my sis is really great she knew what time she put it in the oven so we didn't have to wait for the timer to finish timing 30 hours!  That's why I don't like to use other people's oven timers!!!!  She really helped me out.  It did make me giggle many hours later after they had gone when I realized that our dinner would be ready in exactly 23 hours.

We ate too much food, enjoyed good conversation and even got outside to eat dessert later.  Easter was a beautiful sunny day and not gloomy like they had predicted.

When everyone had left but our family, our landscaper son started working  at putting in the plants he had brought me per my request from his place of business.

We enjoyed a lovely evening outside as I watched the guys work and took pictures of the cute puppy.
Watching others work.

Samson is helping.

Looking cute.


The end of a busy day.

Hope you had a great Easter too!

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