Friday, April 1, 2011

Over the Edge

I could blog about being sick all week but really, who wants to hear about that?  I was just perusing my usual morning news sites and this ad popped up at me.

Really?  Now even my favorite diet soft drink  is mocking me by making a "skinny" can?

Maybe I'm just delirious from constant sleep and a week's worth of the dayquil/ (well, equate) nyquil cycle that has been my steady diet all week.  Or maybe it is the fact that my ears feel like they are full of hives and I can't hear quite right.  Or perhaps it is because my throat is so sore that when I talk it hurts even though the sound level could not even be heard by dolphins?

But today I did NOT need to see that Pepsi, my beloved diet drink is now producing the "skinny" can.  As if we didn't have enough skinny pictures in the media constantly mocking us fatties.

Thank goodness it is Friday.  AND it is April.  Which HAS to mean that the sun will shine between those April showers bringing us our May flowers, right?

Here's hoping you're having a better Friday than I am!

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