Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I really need to be outside watering my poor plants in this heat.  But here I am whining about my life.

Well, that's what I want to do anyway.  So I'm guessing that no one will be reading this.

Just like everywhere else, it is HOT HOT HOT in Kansas.  I can't complain because I have air conditioning and my husband lets me use it.  There are plenty of other issues to complain about so here I go.

We had another water problem the other night.  My hubby was up until 3AM trying to find the source of it (I was completely unaware that we had a problem since I had been sleeping since 10:30).  The next day we had the plumbers come out who had re-done our entire house's plumbing (yes, that's right) a year ago.  They found that it was not a plumbing issue but an issue of a drainpipe that had slipped out of place and poured all that rain we got last time we got rain into our youngest sons's closet in the basement.  We now have mold, rotted carpet and some very smelly air in there.

Oh, and my house which was finally staying clean and organized has now been littered with all of the stuff our sons left behind when they both recently moved.  Along with all of the stuff that was in that aforementioned closet. Those things are now living on the pool table and various other locations in our basement.

I have pictures of all of the above mentioned items but my computer for some reason will not let me import them.

Hopefully, you are having a much better week than me.

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  1. Oh dear, Linda. I will be praying for less chaos and peace for you. I know unexpected problems are kind of sucky but just pray pray pray and take naps!