Friday, June 10, 2011

Getting Older

You know you're getting older when you need to renew your driver's license and you just don't care what your picture looks like anymore.

A COUPLE MONTHS AGO I got a yellow card in the mail that said in order to renew my license I should bring the card and trade it for a new license.  No test, no problem.

Well, I've been putting it off all this time.  Now tomorrow is my birthday and the old license will expire so today was THE DAY.

I had been wanting to go on a day when I could wash and fix my hair nice and not look like I had just slid into the seat in front of the camera and smiled.  But that didn't happen.

This morning I decided to just go get it done.  You see you can do that here.

I was a little worried when  I pulled up to the office and there were a lot of cars out front.  But there was only one guy in there getting a license and I saw my neighbor walk in before me.  He decided he could wait until later because all he had to do was ask a question, so he left.  A young man I knew was ahead of me and it took about 4 minutes for him to get his renewal and then it was my turn.

The gal working today asked me how my family was and didn't I have a kid around 22 years old?  I said, why, yes I guess I do (his birthday is at the end of July).  She reminded me that we were pregnant together all those years ago and what a hot, dry summer it had been.  We had a great chat while she snapped my picture (UGH) and I answered the 7 questions of yes or no to things like, 'have I ever lost my license' and 'am I
a U.S. citizen'.

I had her add a few pounds to my weight since I have never changed it since I was 16 and I think most people would realize that my 18 year old daughter and I do NOT weigh the same amount!  Then after a pleasant conversation for a few minutes with "Ann" I left and came home.

I LOVE living in small town America!!!!!!!!

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