Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer of 11


I'm having a good summer.  It is stranger than any other, to be sure, but so far it is good.  This is the first summer in 26 years that NONE of my boys is at home or even living within an hour of me.  That  is weird.

Right now, my car is in the shop and they are trying to  determine how to fix a problem with the front end.  My husband is somewhere in our state and possibly going to other states to do what he does.  We connect by phone when we can get cell service.

The girls are keeping me busy, but not too busy.  I'm growing some tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelon in my backyard and patio.  I tend to my flowers and do laundry and clean.  Life is good.

Nothing funny, interesting or unique but I'm okay with that.  All of  the projects here and in Manhattan are on hold until the hail stops falling or the floods recede.

So, here I am.  If you're bored.  Call me.