Saturday, June 25, 2011

What You've Been Missing

I'm sure that the whole world of blogging has been in mourning since I have not been writing much lately.  You see, I didn't really think you would want to know things like I need to cut my fingernails every couple weeks because they grow so fast and long nails drive me crazy.  

That's pretty much the fun and intriguing topics that could have been covered by me.

My computer was being finicky and wouldn't upload my pictures and for that I just said "forget it."

So here are a few pictures of things you have missed by me NOT blogging.

This is what my boys left me to clean up after they moved.

That's a lot of clothes.

Old chair we painted.  This one is in my bedroom.

Remember me talking about our water issue?  Well, here is the result of water in your basement.

And this.

 And this just makes me happy.


  1. Your yard is gor-ge-ous!!! That has to be a real cat. You wouldn't have a cat figurine...??? Would you??? Wow, Linda. the yard is really amazing.