Friday, July 1, 2011

Cannot Live Without

There is something in my life right now that I have determined to never again live without.

I wish that I had known about this when my boys were little.  It would have made a particular Bible school program a lot less itchy for them and less embarassing for me.

Let's just say it has become my best friend the past week or so.


  1. Where do you get that stuff?? I got chiggers on my feet last summer and I thought I was going to die. I'd like to have that on hand . . . just in case.

    So sorry you're going through that.

  2. yea, where do you get that stuff....

  3. Oh we LOVE this stuff! our kids always tell me when we're out. They've not been as bad this year, but during the 4th, we were eaten up. I think our kids took some to Belize last year for the mission trip they went on. Sand fleas are horrible down there.