Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Wildlife

When I was at the hair salon last week my stylist (who is really someone I love to visit as a friend as much as I like to have my hair done) asked me if my dog chewed up toys.  I laughed.  I'm not sure MY dog has ever even played with a toy, let alone chewed it.

So since my life is so boring this  summer that it is mostly not blog-worthy I thought I would show you the "wildlife" at my home.

Not only does my dog NOT chew things, she does one thing pretty much morning, noon, and night:

I know for those who have pets who need to be walked, exercised or otherwise move about throughout the day this is unbelievable.  But except for occasionally (some days frequently) going outside to potty, this is what my dog does 24/7.

And I know you've seen my cat in the bird feeder but generally he is not very active during the daylight hours either.

But we do have to cage the frogs and toads because they are just so destructive.


  1. aw my gosh, your doggie is so so so so so so SO cute!!!

  2. You have got to click on that toad and see his bad attitude face close up.

    Yeah, my dog is cute.

  3. oh this made me laugh! Our cat and German must be related to yours, but ours do like to catch flies that have invaded our home. I agree with you, the toad has definite bad boy attitude! I'll have to show this to my kids! I found you by the way of Life on the Wild Side and so glad I did!

  4. Thanks, Mom2three. Shelly and I have been friends since we were about 15 years old. Glad to meet you.

  5. What a great post! lol at that dog and that frog!!!!!!!