Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Book About Hell

For a while now I've been going to blog and moan about the fact that summer is winding down and I have still not read one single book!

But now that is not true.  A friend and I were just discussing last Sunday over lunch whether or not we had read any good "stories" lately.  You know-- good, wholesome, interesting, possibly romantic, stories.  

Shopping at Walmart the other night I happened upon a book I had no knowledge of previously.  A book by one of my favorite authors.  It was not the subject matter that I thought I would read this summer, but I am so glad that I did.

The  book is, Erasing Hell by Francis Chan & Preston Sprinkle (poor man--I fear he has suffered greatly his whole life over his last name).  

I really don't know what to say except that I highly recommend this book to everyone.  

If you like the easy to read style of Francis Chan you will love this book even though the subject matter is HARD.  At the same time, it was a comfort to me to learn some of what Scripture has to say about Hell.  

Believers in Jesus, people who think they believe, those who think they don't believe and those who really want to understand the juxtaposition of a loving God and people going to Hell need to read this.

Here is a quote from page 148 that I particularly like:

                 "Hell is the backdrop that reveals the profound and unbelievable grace of the cross. 
 It brings to light the enormity of our sin and therefore portrays the undeserved favor of God in full color.  Christ freely chose to bear the wrath that I deserve so that I can experience life in the presence of God.  How can I keep from singing, crying, and proclaiming His indescribable love?"



  1. mmm I too love Francis Chan. I read Forgotten God - so good. I'm just starting Crazy Love. It's good, too, I'm just having a hard time really getting in to it. I think I'm just being lazy :(

  2. I love Francis Chan as well... just finished "Crazy Love". Glad to have your reference of "Erasing Hell."

  3. I've read both of those books and they are great. I love his style and his honesty.

    Girls, be sure to go the the crazy love book website and watch the videos that he has before each chapter. It really enhances the experience!