Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bee Business

This is what I spend my mornings gazing at:

Plants, plants, and more plants.  But I'm enjoying it.  I've been getting up SUPER early (before the sun rises) to water so I can enjoy being out without slapping on sunscreen, long sleeved shirt, hat, and gloves.  I'm getting into the groove and that's a good thing since school will be starting before we know it.  

And since I'm out there with all those plants I get to see a LOT of bees.  BUSY bees.  

When I  was a kid I was so scared  of  bees thinking that they were only out to sting ME.  Little did I know that they are far too busy to worry about eating my skin.  They have so much work to do.

One of the true joys of having a large landscape has been the birds, bees, and butterflies that are attracted to all of those flowers.  They truly have their life's work living in my yard.

They never seem to notice me either.  Unless I get in their way or water while they are working and disrupt their bee business.

I saw my first cicada shell on a tree down this path.  22 years ago that was a huge thing around my house.  I had a boy collecting them by the buckets full.  We would walk around the neighborhood (we lived in town then) so I could move my pregnant belly a little while wearing out the 19 month old and the 4 year old before bath and bedtime.  As I recall we had quite a collection since we continued the walking after we had another little guy to strap on and walk around with in the hood.

Coleus are fun because they grow so well and they take no care but watering.

We're not mowing our yard for while since it is so hot and dry.  Might as well enjoy the green and not mow it off to see the brown!

Here's my "tomato patch".  Many plants in containers.  My husband likes to go a little overboard when planting and then I get to take care of them.  But I LOVE eating them.

And here are the ones I keep on my patio.  Again, too many plants in each container but more to eat.

This is my happy place where I start my day.  And just so you know, we love the bees, birds, and butterflies, but, we get rid of the wasps!


  1. beautiful. and tomatoes are SO SO SO SO SO yum!

  2. Great post! I love your yard, Linda!! :) Nathan outdid himself!!

  3. Yep! Yummy food for a short time!

    He truly blessed us with a wonderful surrounding for our home!