Monday, July 25, 2011

Seven Year Itch

I thought I needed a new Bible.  Not a different one from another faith or something like that, but a new version.  You know, spice it up a bit.  After all, as a typical American Christian we have a house full of  different versions of the Bible while there are people in the world who would sell their right kidney for  ONE.  But I had something like the seven year itch for a new version of Scripture.

Anyway, I was perusing the book store looking for a "new" version or a new "take" on God's Word.  You know, there are things like the Seeker's Bible and Bibles for moms or dads or teens or children or people who are just getting off drugs who struggle with their self esteem type Bibles.  (I'm not making fun of those issues, I just am amazed at the number of Bible "types" out there.)

But I didn't find one.  Because I didn't NEED a new "take" on the Bible.  I needed to just READ it differently.  I was kind of adrift on the sea of devotions and needed some direction.  

And then I bought the book I needed.  It is a little devotional book that I had been hearing about on the Christian radio station.  

It has given me direction in reading God's Word.  Because I didn't need a new Word or a different take on God's Words to me.  I just needed a direction to go in it.  

Does anyone else ever feel that way?  I hope so because I have been feeling like a really bad Child of His and like I forgot how to listen to Him.  

So I highly recommend (not getting paid or asked to do this) that you get Jesus Calling  by Sarah Young.  It feels like Jesus speaking directly to your heart.  

And don't we all need that?

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