Friday, August 5, 2011

The Final Birth Story

Sign made by daddy and brothers from leftover Bible school prop.

Not sure if anyone really likes to read these, but this will be my final "birth story".  Number 5 in blogging and number 3 in real life.

It happened 22 years ago but I remember it so well.  It was what I consider my only "normal" birthing experience.  

First of all, I had never planned on conceiving another child when the youngest one we had  was less than a year old.  Honestly, I was embarrassed when I went to the doctor to find out for sure.  He scolded me and told me that having a baby was always something to be  celebrated.  What a great baby doctor I had!  So thankful!

So it took me a while to get used to the idea of having another baby.  Probably until about February when I got a really bad bout of  the influenza.  Then I worried that I might lose the baby and then I could not imagine life without him.  

Fast forward to the summer of, dry, drought, epic hot.  A really fun time to be carrying an active little baby.  We did a lot of walking in the early evenings to get out of the house and tire out the little ones that I already had bouncing around my house. 

Due date was July 29.  My family came to visit just prior to that in order to be present and meet the new little person.  My sister sat and watched my little guy moving around inside me one night and declared that she would NEVER have children.  (She has since had 3, so, things change.)

My dad and my sister had to leave  before the baby came because she had  to get back to her summer job and the baby was late.  The day after they left became the day of  birth...............................

It was Sunday morning and I woke up with a sense of heaviness.  I decided that there was NO WAY I would be able to wear pantyhose that day to church.  So I put on my favorite pink maternity dress (I loved that dress.  And I remember that I was hoping it would be a "good luck" charm for having a girl) and went to church.  I don't remember anything about the church service that morning except that I was extremely uncomfortable and trying to corral my two young boys through the whole thing.

Grandma and "big" brother meeting.

We got home and ate some lunch which included some homemade pickles that my mom had brought along with her.  I was wary of eating them since I  had felt "funny" all day but I ate  them anyway!  Not long after lunch I started having some serious contractions.  I talked to my sister in law on the phone until I felt that it was probably time to go to the hospital.

Mid afternoon we made the 15 mile trek over to our hospital.  As far as I remember we did not even have a girl's name truly picked out.  This would be Zachary if our child was a boy.  My kids had a little story book about two kids in a park and one had the name Zachary with an 'h' and an 'a'.  I liked that and in my mind I had decided on it long ago.

Snoozing with biggest brother.

We got to the hospital and got all set up in the brand new hospital  building.  It was fun to be using it in the first couple months after it had opened.  

My labor was SO EASY compared to the  first two.  It was, in fact, probably a normal birthing experience.  It hurt to have contractions but I could deal with it and I even remember laughing and joking in between.  I remember  thinking if this was how it was supposed to be  I could have 10 kids.  I'm sure that my husband is thankful  for those other difficult births!

First birthday with dad and brothers.

It was 4H fair week in our little town and the big parade was that night.  My doctor always rode a wagon pulled by his horses in local parades.  So at some point he excused himself and went to be in the parade.  He assured me that he would be just a phone call away.  What he  didn't tell me was that his son and daughter-in-law who were  friends of ours were driving in and out of alleyways to switch places with him should he have to head over to the hospital to deliver me.

2nd birthday

Much quicker than I thought I was ready to have that baby.  I kind of panicked wondering if Doc B would make it.  He swooped in just in the nick of time and delivered the most beautiful, chubby, baby boy who was sucking his thumb immediately.  

Yeah, we used this one for graduation!

Making some mischief while still the baby of the family.

Joy!  That is what I remember feeling.  And that could well describe the life that we have had with our number 3  son.  He slept all day, he slept all night.  I thought something was seriously wrong with him at first.  But he was such a happy, delightful baby and has always been a fun, adventurous kid to raise.  

Look what I can do.
"Enjoying" his big brothers' concert.

Fun to have a brother so close in age.  Lots of mischief together.



Birthday cheesecake!

Stinker!  Switched musical instruments with his friend for the parade.

Since he was born at the end of July, Zachary David has spent many a birthday at amusement parks, white water rafting or just in a fun place on our vacations.  This year I didn't even get to see him on his birthday but I know he was with people he loves.  

Growing up.

Happy 22nd Birthday Zach!  And thank you for showing me that sometimes the unexpected surprises of life can bring such amazing joy!


  1. What a neat story! Your kids should be very thankful that you have all this down for a neat keepsake! You are just a great Mom!!

  2. i love, love these stories-im going to have to back track on you blog, cause i think i missed one